Privacy Policy

The issue of online privacy is extremely crucial for Innvonix which is committed to safeguarding the information provided by its members and other visitors logging on to its Web site. As a business entity dedicated to offering professional Enterprise Software, Customize Solutions & Mobility Solutions and service in India and abroad, Innvonix Tech Solutions has been actively promoting the concept of privacy and its relevance for organizations with a cyber-presence.

Respecting the privacy of its online visitors while providing top-of-the-line services to customers has remained the core of our strategy. Our Privacy Policy gives visitors a view of the privacy practices followed by Innvonix and assures them of safe passage through the organization’s Web site.

At the same time, Innvonix Tech Solutions would like to make it clear that its site provides links to other Web sites that are governed by their own Privacy Policies and does not take responsibility for the security provided by these sites. Visitors to our site are urged to familiarize themselves with their respective Privacy Policies.

When you provide us with your personal data, you are agreeing to the rules and regulations stipulated under our Privacy Policy and are bound by it. If you do not agree to our Policy please do not use the Site.

Innvonix Tech Solutions is committed to protect your information from other companies, individuals or any illegal usages. We use your information to provide you the needed solution/information, to contact you or to communicate with you only. We do not and will not provide any of your personal or business information to other companies or individuals without your specific request and permission.

If you are merely a visitor to our site, we does not collect any personal information about you, except to the limited extent through the use of cookies and IP address details. If you decide to enquire about certain services offered on the site, you will be asked to provide basic online contact information about yourself.

When we receive e-mails from you, we may retain the content of any e-mail messages sent to us, as well as details of your e-mail address.

For any questions regarding the privacy policy, practices of the site, or any other transaction issue, please contact: [email protected]