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Fixed Cost Based

The scope of the project should describe the cost, deliverables, and timelines for the project in order to meet all needs in a timely manner. Services should be well defined and specified with a relatively low to medium level of complexity.

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    Risk Mitigation

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    Frame calculated cost with desired quality

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    Delivery within the stipulated time and Milestone for payments

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Time & Material Based

Projects with variable scopes are complex tasks that include accurate cost estimation due to the costs involved with resource utilization.

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    Ample scope for modification during execution

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    The clients are regularly updated on the project’s progress so that they can squeeze or broaden the scope as needed

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    Maintaining resources, retaining knowledge, and controlling the entire process

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Resource Hiring Based

Huge tasks and complex projects with scarce resources. Inadequacy of IT skills and resources with rare skills. Need for a dedicated pool of IT resources based on the requirements, preferences, and expectations.

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    We have access to a diverse pool of highly qualified resources with experience across a range of technologies and industries

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    Allows clients to access experienced IT services at a predictable cost in a predictable environment

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    focusing internal resources on strategic priorities

Our Methodology

The success of developing an application is dependent on selecting the right SDLC Software Development Life Cycle methodology. This ensures quality and timely delivery of the product / project. Innvonix has extensive experience in delivering enterprise solutions to customers across different industry verticals.

By approaching proper SDLC methodology, depending on project requirement, time, its criticality we help our customer to achieve their goals and help their business grow. Every project and every situation are different, so to choose SDLC methodology, our expert team drives our customers through pros and cons of each methodology and we together come to the conclusion to choose the best depending on the situation to meet the customer expectation in terms of cost, time and deliverables. We always make a practice to follow each step of SDLC

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1. Research & Analysis

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2. Design

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3. Development

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4. Testing

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5. Deployment

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6. Maintenance & Support

Agile With Scrum Methodology

Using Agile-Scrum methodology is a best practice and we suggest our customers opt for it when developing robust software since it gives the best results.

In addition, it provides timely feedback on the work performed, while placing the customer’s needs first.

The agile method has proven itself for making software development and the IT industry more flexible, allowing for scalability and adaptability. Instead of passing from one phase of the SDLC cycle to the next, in Agile-Scrum all phases are performed within each sprint, providing the ability to adapt to events whenever they occur.

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